#342 “Game”


Everyone knows i’m a gamer and i love me some awesome games.

** Xeolots ** GameToy Typers

★ Price: L$99, Fatpack: L$297.
★ Demo: Demo is not available.
★ Perms: Copy, No-mod, No-transfer.
★ XeoLife: Compatible.
★ Marketplace:


** Xeolots **

→ Marketplace: http://www.xeolots.com/marketplace
→ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Xeolots
→ FlickR: https://www.flickr.com/groups/xeolots/

#341 “Tote-Bag”


Tote-Bag, Tote-bag.. Get it today

Fishie Tote Bag by Bowillow

There are 5 styles to buy. Each style comes with a Baby/Kid and a teen/grown size. These original mesh totes are animated to hold and are modify so they can be resized 😀

Event Location:
PLAYERS NEED TO JOIN THE SHOP HOP GROUP the Group Code is secondlife:///app/group/4969370a-3d1c-6052-cca2-b1abf936a13f/about <— to join put that in local and click the group and join to get the HUD from notices.

Shop Hop Event

#340 “Jumpie Jumpie”

Jumpie Jumpie.jpg

Shh i’m jumping to get them all.. You know must have 😀

Shape: *CM* Bento Alex Reese’s

This awesome Shape is Mod it comes with a eyebrow shape and stylecard. Even though is for girl you can make it fit to a boy look. You don’t want to miss this awesome Shape. Also Candymade do customs if you interested.

available at Candymade


Travel Pillow Gacha by Bowillow

Travel Pillows in Animal shapes. There are 2 types you can collect, wearable on your neck or an animated holding version. 2 Fox rares and 16 commons.

Moose, Alligator, Brown Bear, Black Kitty, Fox, Frog, Koala, Raccoon  Monkey & Panda Collect them all!!

Available at Lost & Found Event 

#339 “Pool Pool”

Pool Pool.jpg

This is life Pool Pool!!

** Xeolots ** Family Pool

▶ This item includes 3 colors / themes:
Fishes (blue), Summer (yellow) and Flowers (pink).

* Resize Menu *
▶ This item includes a resize script, simply click to use. Press “Delete” when done. We suggest to not resize it as it may mess up the animations, but some people want too.

* Menu Driven Animations *
▶ Multiple Poses – This product can be used by multiple people at the same time.
▶ Adjustable Poses – Click [ADJUST] to adjust your current pose.

▶ This item is *XeoLife* Compatible.
▶ For more info see: http://xeolots.com/XeoLife

Check it out at *XeoLife*

#338 “Sand Time”

Playing on the sand

I love been on the sand because i can build castle or i can run with my friend and make sand splash splash.

Camp Slippers

10 Styles

Baby/Kid Version
Teen/Grown Version

Both come with resize script

All are Transfer Only Price: 45L per play

To change texture, just touch the shoe you wish to change and select the texture you like from the texture menu that pops up

To resize, just touch the shoe and select your resize options from the menu that pops up

available at Hello Beautiful!

#336 “Boys will be Boys”


No matter how hard you try Boys will be Boys..


Woodland Creatures Headbands 

This awesome item is rezisable, Original mesh. Headbands for all ages and size.  They have some awesome options Red fur, White fur, Brown fur, Owl feathers, Racoon tail, Animals, Black fur and Branches.

Available at THIMBLE!


Dragon Tamer Blankie Wrap!

awesome Blankie  was for 50L on Friday May 19 but you can always check his store.

Breaux Jr



Head: Head ALPHA at NO!


Pants: 515 Slim Denim Ash at Cosmopolitan Event

Outlier provides a perfect balance of style and comfort with the Slim Denim Jeans. These rad jeans have front and back pockets, a versatile dark vintage-style wash, with four tints to choose from ; BLUE, DARK BLUE, ASH AND STONE. Pant sizes are to fit male mesh bodies.

Jacket: Regime Rebellion Jacket at Men Only Monthly

Add some classic style on top with our Denim Jacket. This vintage-inspired jean jacket has a multi-pocket front, a full-length button placket, custom patches and studding, and a versatile denim construction.

Sizes are FitMESH for Men and SLINK PHYSIQUE & HOURGLASS for Women.
**You may try on other female mesh-bodies to wear this jacket***

#335 “Woot Woot”

walking on me bed.jpg

Woot Woot walking on the edge of the bed. giggles no one see me!

Vintage Sleep Mask:

There are 5 styles you can pick from the menu by clicking the mask. Also you can toggle the ruffles on and off. The Sleep Masks have been sized to fit kids or grown ups, however they are ALL resizable to fit ANY avatar!

Bowillow at COLOR ME CUTE

(Starts on the 15th and goes to the end of the month.)


Extra Decoration:

MuddPuddles: Racer Bean Chair

MuddPuddles: Racer Bed

MuddPuddles: Racer Billboard

MuddPuddles: Racer Cone

MuddPuddles: Racer Lockers

MuddPuddles: Racer Toy Shelf

MuddPuddles: Racer Drapes


#334 ” The Spot”

The Spot.jpg

The spot  is the place i be when i don’t want to be bother. So peaceful here!

Wall Pillows:
These have 3 Versions:
Baby/Kid: With tons of animations for babies or kids. All the animations are adjustable so you can make the sits perfect for any baby to kid sized avatar.

Teen/Grown: With tons of animations for teens or grown ups. Adjustable animations! Animations differ from baby/kid versions.

You&Me Baby/Grown: Animations for a kiddo and a grown up. These are designs to give you a place to hang out and spend quality time anywhere that you can rez a wall pillow!

All versions include a reading animation that comes with a book! \o/



Lit Hair Accessories:

There are commons and 3 Rares!

6 Common Brushes: Green, Blue, Pink, Soft Gold, Silver and Purple
1 Rare Brush: Retro Gold

3 Common Combs: Black & White, Pearl and Silver, Wood
1 Rare Comb: The James Dean (classic black comb with custom James Dean animation)

7 Common Picks: Silver, Silver & Blue, Gold, Gold & Pink, Pearl, Black, Black and Pearl
1 Rare Pick: Pearl and Gold

ALL accessories animate on attach (simply add). Animations are looped and override most AOs. They animate one or both arms only.
Comb: combs through hair one handed
James Dean: combs through hair and smooth hair with other hand
Brush: Brushes hair on both sides
Pick: Picks front of hair 3 times


(The event is 3 weeks long and starts on the 13th of the month. This is the event’s first month.)

#333 “Paint”


Be confident, have patience and paint..


momo- mesh paintbrush

momo-face paint mess

NOTES: Item is for bento or normal mesh heads td or bad seed must have omega hud to apply comes with instructional note card.

available at Hello Beautiful!


Ugly Monster – Marcel 

There are two options for Ugly Monsters

Holdable & Pocket

Holdable: Animates on attach *JUST ADD*

Pocket: Is set to go in a pocket or in the front of your jeans, but can be moved to any body part and adjusted to fit perfectly for you!

*To do this simply hover over object in your inventory and choose attach to from the menu, and then pick the body part you want pocket monster to attach to! Once it is on your body you can right click it and edit it to adjust it perfectly for you!*

Just add!
All huds come with 3 colors & 3 versions: clean, dirty, muddy

There are two huds! Huds work with regular or pocket sized version.

*Wearing your pastels or vibrants Marcel HUD you can change the color of your Marcel Huggable Monster and your Pocket Marcel Monster. OR Wearing your Louise HUD you can change the color of your Louise huggable or pocket monster*

available at Breaux Jr


S*G Stardust Nail Hud

¤This Nail Hud is |☒No Mod, ☑ Copy, ☒No Trans|
These nails are Toddleedoo nails, therefor they are compatible with the Baby, Kid, and Tweeneedoo body sizes :D!

-The 24 Nail Hud

:.[♛ Instructions♛].:
◐-To use the hud or apply 1 of the nail polishes/ colors simply left click the
color of your choice. Give it a minute and it should instantly apply. If your nails on your hands or feet are glitching or disappear try resetting the scripts inside your TD Body ^ ^.

available at Hello Beautiful!