#825 “Panda”

“ Panda, Panda 
————-————-————-——— —-————-———-————-———-
+ Components Details + 
♦️Shape: Kidorable – Tyrian Bento Shape – Youth / BABY FACE
♦️Body:Bebe – Youth Fitted Mesh Body (For 5-12 years look) 
♦️Head: GENUS Project- Genus Head – Baby Face
♦️Skin:Bf. Face Haji 400 ( Purchased Body Applier Separate: BF Body Slim – Bebe) Available in Tones 100-900 Don’t forget to Try demo.
♦️Hair: ::Unorthodox– Jabi Hair ( Hair and hair base included. Comes in 4 base colors which can be color changed via the HSV color hud!)
————-————-————-——— —-————-———-————-———-
+Apparel Details +
♦️Outfit:{Feral Youth}–  Feral YouthPanda Pals Gacha –Daydream Kid Event

myBro –PandaPals / PandaLove silly hat / PandaPal Blue hoodie/shirt

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